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In the NewTechReview News area you can find direct links to all of the latest new technology product releases as well as other related news. Just click on any link below to read more about that announcement. If you have information about a new product release that you would like to see listed here, please submit it.

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* : Based on Shirley Jackson's Novel THE HAUNTING arrives on Blu-ray Oct. 20 from Paramount
* : Paul McCartney's Flaming Pie Archive Collection is Now Available from Universal Music Group
* : The Amityville Harvest debuts on DVD, Digital, and On Demand Oct. 20 from Lionsgate
* : FULL METAL JACKET to be released on 4K UHD Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital Sept. 22 from Warner Bros.
* : Seniors, A Dogumentary debuts on DVD and VOD Sept. 29 from MVD Entertainment
* : American Pie Presents: Girls' Rules on DVD and Digital Oct. 6 from Universal Pictures
* : CARO DIARIO debuts on Blu-ray for the First Time in America Sept. 8 from Film Movement Classics
* : MOST WANTED arrives on Blu-ray and Digital September 22nd from Paramount
* : THE BURNT ORANGE HERESY debuts on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Aug. 25 from Sony Pictures
* : LG Tone Free Wireless Earbuds with Meridian Audio and Uvnano Technology Delivers Unique User Experience
* : Belkin Completes Thunderbolt 3 Dock Family With New Thunderbolt 3 Dock Core
* : Pizza, A Love Story debuts on DVD and Digital Sept. 29 from MVD Entertainment
* : Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs debuts on Digital Sept. 18 and on Blu-ray, DVD Sept. 22 from Lionsgate
* : The Resident Evil Collection debuts on 4K Ultra HD for the First Time Ever Nov. 3 from Sony Pictures
* : Zack Snyder's 300 arrives on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Combo Pack Oct. 6 from Warner Bros.
* : Scott Adkins and Mario Van Peebles Star in SEIZED on DVD, Digital, On Demand Oct. 13 from Lionsgate
* : Orange Amps Launch Crest Edition Wireless Headphones
* : THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND arrives on Digital Aug. 11 and on Blu-ray, DVD Aug. 25 from Universal
* : Double Feature SEA LEVEL and SEA LEVEL 2 on DVD, Digital, On Demand Sept. 29 from Lionsgate
* : Small Signal Audio Design, 3rd Edition from Focal Press and Routledge
* : Python One-Liners: Write Concise, Eloquent Python Like a Professional from No Starch Press
* : ENTER THE FORBIDDEN CITY arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Streaming Aug. 18 from Cinema Libre
* : Introducing the Tobii Eye Tracker 5 for Gamers That Want the Extra Edge
* : LG Launches New Ultra-Portable HD LED CineBeam Projector - PH30N
* : DC Showcase - Batman: Death in the Family arrives on Blu-ray and Digital Oct. 13 from Warner Bros.

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