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D-Link Expands Powerful Mesh WiFi at Home with New Range Extender
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D-Link Expands Powerful Mesh WiFi at Home with New Range ExtenderFulfilling its promise to deliver superior home networking solutions, global leader in connectivity, D-Link announces availability of its new AC750 Mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender (DAP-1530). It eliminates WiFi dead spots, provides speeds up to AC750 and can mix-and-match with other compatible D-Link WiFi Mesh Routers.* D-Link's WiFi Extender sets up in minutes, and is an ideal way to extend a home's WiFi footprint for the new demands of internet access throughout the home.

"We see the ongoing benefits Mesh Technology has for home networking and our new D-Link AC750 range extender expands our line-up of mesh WiFi products. This new extender model synchronizes with D-Link Mesh WiFi Routers to create a single home network that places devices on the best possible WiFi connection. This is incredibly important as everyone is working from home, e-learning, streaming and more throughout the day," said Rayan Fakhro, product line manager, consumer solutions, D-Link Systems. "The DAP-1530 provides those passionate about productivity, streaming, and vlogging online with peace of mind that their home network can now have expanded coverage with uninterrupted AC750 WiFi performance."

Homeowners have the necessary WiFi pieces needed for a complete and modular customized mesh network that grows with their needs. Along with greater range and increased capacity, when paired with a compatible D-Link WiFi Mesh router, the DAP-1530 Mesh Extender is designed to consistently meet a household's growing speed and coverage essentials while simultaneously providing a product that helps future-proof their home WiFi.

The DAP-1530 Range Extender works with any router or ISP-issued WiFi gateway for simultaneous use of laptops, smartphones, speakers, cameras, tablets, and other smart home devices throughout every corner of a home.

To ensure the Range Extender is placed within ideal distance of the Mesh WiFi Router and to monitor status, D-Link integrated quick setup options:

- One-Touch WPS Button: Activates quick router sync and an immediate start with the push of a button
- Smart Signal Indicator: Users can leverage the AC750 Range Extender's vibrant colored LEDs to notify it's within range of a router along with alerting users of any connections issues.

For those who prefer the full extender setup process, D-Link's free software app can be accessed on a tablet or smartphone (Android and iOS).

The DAP-1530 Range Extender is outfitted with a host of top product performance offerings:

- Dual-Bands: Devices are placed on one of two optimal reliable WiFi bands, a 2.4GHz or 5GHz band to reduce networking interference
- Smart Roaming: A person can move around their home when video chatting, streaming entertainment, browsing the internet, and more without losing a connection
- Powerful Antennas: Two external high-performance antennas provide added range for network devices
- Ethernet Port: A built-in port and a home's existing wired Ethernet cabling provides full strength internet connectivity
- Unobtrusive Form Factor: The slim design allows users to securely plug it in a wall socket

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