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SRG Sites > NewTechReview > News > HOTLOGIC releases the New Mini XP and Max XP Portable Ovens in time for the Holidays
HOTLOGIC releases the New Mini XP and Max XP Portable Ovens in time for the Holidays
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HOTLOGIC releases the New Mini XP and Max XP Portable Ovens in time for the HolidaysElevate your taste and prepare to Heat Up this holiday season. If you’re looking for the hottest gifts for anyone on your list, the fall collection of personal ovens from HOTLOGIC®, manufacturer and designer of popular portable + personal ovens, and commercial ovens, is your personal holiday hero.

In a new COVID-19 world, HOTLOGIC reduces mealtime stress and fears by providing a solution to heat better, tastier and safer with meals prepared and touched only by YOU. HOTLOGIC precisely cooks and reheats prepared meals, leftovers and frozen entrees to the perfect temperature and holds it there fo hours through its HeatDeck™ technology, preserving moisture and enhancing flavor.

“Trust, safety and control are the new table stakes in food prep and cooking,” said Bill McKendry, Chief Marketing Officer at HOTLOGIC. “With more people cooking at home, on the road and beginning to attend gatherings again, HOTLOGIC allows everyone on your gift list to safely enjoy a hot meal while working from home, the office, at gatherings or on the road with ease. Key advantage is you are the only one that touches and prepares your food, which means HOTLOGIC users can avoid using community microwaves and other breakroom appliances."

HOTLOGIC just added to its already successful Mini and Max portable + personal oven line with the addition of three new products:

- HOTLOGIC Mini Oven XP™ – 9.5" wide x 7.5" deep and 3.5" tall. All of the benefits of our standard Mini Oven, but with an attached, expandable carrying bag neatly tucked away in the top lining. Use the extra storage space for carrying utensils, tasty sides and your favorite drink. Enjoy personal-sized warm, nutritious meals at work/home or on-the-go.
- HOTLOGIC 12v Mini Oven XP™ – Same great features as the HOTLOGIC Mini Oven™ XP, but with a 12v car plug. Great for commuters, truck drivers and travelers.
- HOTLOGIC Max Oven XP™ – 9” wide x 13” long. Ideal for larger serving sizes, all types of gatherings, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, camping, homegating/tailgating, kayaking and weekend rentals. Can be used with any inverter for traveling/on-the-go. Top portion is insulated.

“HOTLOGIC Mini Oven XP™ and Max Ovens XP™ offer a built-in, expandable carrying bag with the added convenience and extra room to store utensils, tableware, and other accessories on the top,” said McKendry. “We’ve invested in new educational packaging, extra padded handles for easy carrying and added leather details in our signature colors.”

The HOTLOGIC XP™ is the latest product offering in a growing retail line. HOTLOGIC’s personal Mini ovens have been gaining momentum as the back-to-work/work from home essential to reduce lunchtime prep fears, mess and stress and touchpoints. The HOTLOGIC Max Oven has also been a favorite of families, campers and tailgaters, saving time in providing numerous servings at once, while juggling multiple schedules.

What many users also enjoy is that the HOTLOGIC’s HeatDeck™ can even be removed from the lightweight carrier and used as a countertop warmer, which makes these personal ovens a practical, yet fashionable gift on everyone’s list. Plus, there’s no buttons to push and temperatures to set, therefore reducing touchpoints and worry.

HOTLOGIC products are also extremely energy efficient and work with any flat bottom container (glass, plastic, foil, cardboard, etc.). Just add your prepared meal, leftovers or frozen food to a lidded container, plug it in and enjoy a hot meal that fits with your schedule.

With over 7,000+ positive reviews and a 99.4 percent approval rating on Amazon and being a top segment performer on HSN, HOTLOGIC already has a significant following. Industry-leading companies like Google, Walmart, Intel, Ford Motor Company, Herman Miller, BISSELL and Gordon Food Service use HOTLOGIC commercial ovens in their breakrooms, giving over 1M+ employees a break that has gotten them back to work faster, safer and healthier.

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