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IQAir Launches Smart Slim Bionic Air Purifier Atem X
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IQAir Launches Smart Slim Bionic Air Purifier Atem XIQAir, the Swiss air quality technology expert, in anticipation of its 60th anniversary, introduces Atem X, a smart, slim, bionic air purifier. It is the newest product in IQAir’s line of high-performance air purifiers.

“Atem X was developed to combine four seemingly incompatible characteristics: powerful air purification, quiet operation, low energy consumption and a slim, beautiful design”, said Frank Hammes, IQAir Global CEO Frank Hammes.

Designed in Switzerland and made in Germany, Atem X effectively filters viruses, bacteria, mold spores, allergens, smoke, fine dust and ultra-fine particles. Independently tested, Atem X has a removal rate of 99.99% for viruses such as the human coronavirus (HCoV-229E), the influenza A virus (H1N1) and the enterovirus 71 (EV71). Atem X also has been tested for airborne bacteria and shown to remove 99.94% for E. coli and 99.92% for white staphylococcus. The fungus Aspergillus niger was removed at a rate of 99.94%.

Atem X uses patented and patent pending technologies to increase air cleaning performance, while reducing noise, energy consumption and the overall size of the air purifier.

BionicCore technology utilizes a new orbital architecture that places the fan at the heart of the air purifier, with other components radially arranged around the fan. This allows the Atem X to move more air, more efficiently in a smaller form factor than otherwise possible.

Flexible Air Rotation technology allows Atem X to maximize air cleaning regardless of the position of the air purifier or the shape or size of the room. This is made possible by a 320-degree rotatable air outlet, which directs the clean air stream to the center of the room.

Atem X highlights:

- Slim, beautiful design: only 10 inch (254 mm) thin and with perfectly round, bionic minimalist design.
- Powerful, quiet air cleaning: with a Smoke CADR of 422 cfm at 65 dB(A), Atem X powerfully and quietly removes a wide range of pollution particles.
- Sensor-based, automatic operation: PM2.5 and CO2 sensors allow Atem X to clean air automatically based on measured air quality.
- Smart app integration: Atem X can be remotely controlled and provides advanced air quality data and usage statistics via the IQAir AirVisual air quality app.
- Energy efficient: Advanced fan technology and fully automatic demand-based air purification make Atem X exceptionally energy efficient.

Introducing the Atem X bionic design concept, Frank Hammes, IQAir's Global CEO, said, “Many air purifiers are large, ugly and noisy. Atem X demonstrates that an air purifier can be powerful, quiet, energy efficient and drop dead beautiful.”

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