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MUZEN AUDIO Launches New Christmas Collection and Creative Holiday Gift Ideas
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MUZEN AUDIO Launches New Christmas Collection and Creative Holiday Gift IdeasMUZEN AUDIO, an audio technology innovator and purveyor of radio culture is tapping into the holiday spirit just in time for Christmas by releasing its new Christmas Collection and creative gift options which include a "singing" fridge sticker speaker which marks a first in the audio industry. As a succession of the classic MUZEN On The Road (OTR) series, the MUZEN OTR Sticker Speaker continues the exquisite retro style and high quality of MUZEN OTR Speakers while upholding the free spirit of always being "On The Road" of innovation.

Designed to look like a 1964 radio, the Sticker Speaker is ultra-thin and tiny while providing a pleasant sound thanks to MUZEN's original technology. Available in two representative colors of the Christmas season, red and green, the MUZEN Sticker Speaker is perfect for home decor as well as an effortless nifty Christmas gifting idea. As family and friends gather this holiday season, there is no better way to connect with each other than listening to sweet tunes together while chilling on the sofa or getting into the groove together. With amazing sound in a handy little package, the one-of-a-kind Sticker Speakers are perfect holiday gifts to show the special people in life how much they are cared for at the super affordable price of $23.99. This Christmas, take MUZEN Sticker Speaker with friends and family, and enjoy the sound of the season by simply "sticking and singing!"

"We're excited to introduce our Christmas special edition, the brand new OTR Sticker Speaker, which is a super cute and delicate fridge magnet as well as a palm-size speaker," commented Mr. Dejun Zeng, CEO of MUZEN AUDIO. "Exploring the concept for over a decade, the MUZEN R&D team finally achieved a breakthrough in 2022. The Sticker Speaker is a testimony to MUZEN's spirit of always being "On The Road" to innovation and is dedicated to empowering everyone to hear the joy of life."

Back by popular demand, MUZEN is also offering the OTR Metal Portable Bluetooth Speaker and OTR Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Both are thoughtfully crafted with a special consideration given to convenience and aesthetics. Inspired by the classic design of the 1960s radio, the body of the MUZEN OTR Metal is super groovy and finished with a solid one-piece alloy. As a winner of the CES Innovation Awards, the MUZEN OTR Metal is extremely loud but crisp sound with a strong deep bass. As for fans of a vintage wooden style, the OTR Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect choice with its natural wood finish and vintage look which was handcrafted through 27 processes by expert craftsmen. Combining vintage design and modern audio technology, these two speakers will certainly be the spice of life for friends and family.

For the past 40 years, MUZEN has been working to create high-quality retro-style radios and to bring the classic radios of the Golden Age back into the public eye. The spirit of MUZEN lies in a sense of "always enjoying the feeling of being on the road." At this time of ringing out the old and ringing in the new, despite an unpredictable journey ahead, MUZEN is continuously there to accompany those who are always "On The Road" and to help everyone embrace the fun of music and radio along the way.

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