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Severin Films Summer Sale Event and 10 New 4K plus Blu-ray titles arrive July 12th
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Severin Films Summer Sale Event and 10 New 4K plus Blu-ray titles arrive July 12thSeverin Films today announced full details of their 2024 Severin Summer Sale, the most ambitious and eclectic in company history. Leading the mid-year event is the Worldwide UHD Premiere of Dario Argento’s masterwork OPERA, newly restored by Severin and featuring 5 discs, 12 hours of Special Features and the CD soundtrack; the North American Disc Premiere of DARIO ARGENTO’S DEEP CUTS, a 4-Disc Collection featuring 10 hours from his RAI TV shows; The Worldwide UHD Premiere of Joe D’Amato’s Penne Post-Apocalypse epic 2020 TEXAS GLADIATORS, a 3-disc collection that includes a CD of the never-before-released soundtrack; and Bert I. Gordon’s politically incorrect crime shocker THE MAD BOMBER featuring an all-new 4K scan and 6 hours of explosive Special Features. The Severin Summer Sale will begin Friday, July 12 at 12:01am EDT through 3:01 AM EDT on Tuesday, July 16 exclusively at

The sale also features The Worldwide Disc Premiere of the infamous monster mash-up THE MUMMY AND THE CURSE OF THE JACKALS; the Worldwide Blu-ray Premiere of Brazil’s underground classic THE RED LIGHT BANDIT; the Worldwide Blu-ray Premiere of SIMPLE LIKE SILVER featuring OPERA’s Cristina Marsillach in her first feature film appearance in 25 years; the North American Blu-ray Premiere of Paul Vecchiali’s daring feminist noir DON’T CHANGE HANDS; the first official North American release of Eloy de la Iglesias’ still-controversial THE CREATURE; and the first official North American release of Spain’s action blockbuster A DOG CALLED… VENGEANCE starring Oscar® nominee and Pulitzer Prize winner Jason Miller. “These titles – and this event – truly embodies Severin’s ongoing commitment to rescuing and restoring the world’s most provocative and transgressive cinema,” says Severin Films co-founder/CEO David Gregory. “Most of all, it’s proof that physical media crafted with skill and vision still has an enthusiastic and supportive audience."

Summer Sale ‘24 will also include first-time-ever standalone versions of CASTLE OF BLOOD/DANZA MACABRA UHD/Blu-ray and THE LAST HORROR FILM UHD/Blu-ray, the latter now featuring a must-have new slipcase by award-winning illustrators Mark Spears & Drazen; the Saturday Only (Midnight EDT to Midnight PDT) Box Set Sale featuring up to 55% off SRP for select box sets (complete list below); 2020 TEXAS GLADIATORS and OPERA T-shirts by Pallbearer Press; new Severin logo merch that includes a black sleeveless tee and stainless steel water bottle; 50% off most stickers, 30% off SRP for most shirts and apparel, 30% off SRP for most drinkware, 25% off SRP for most Enamel Pins, and more.



It’s been acclaimed by aficionados worldwide as “his biggest film” (Bloody Disgusting),“a breathtaking visual feast” (Daily Dead) and “up there with DEEP RED and SUSPIRIA” (DVD Drive-In). Now experience “Dario Argento’s last full-fledged masterpiece” (Slant Magazine) in The Director’s Cut and U.S. Theatrical Version, both in UHD: When a young opera singer (Cristina Marsillach, in her career-defining performance) is stalked by a masked psychopath, she will be forced into a grisly aria of murder, memories and unimaginable torment. Ian Charleson (CHARIOTS OF FIRE), Urbano Barberini (DEMONS), Antonella Vitale (THE CHURCH), Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni (MOTHER OF TEARS) and Daria Nicolodi (TENEBRE) co-star in this definitive presentation of “one of Argento’s best” (IndieWire) – co-written by Franco Ferrini (PHENOMENA) with cinematography by Oscar® winner Ronnie Taylor (GANDHI) and music by Brian Eno, Bill Wyman and Claudio Simonetti – newly scanned in 4K from the original camera negatives at Cinecittà with 12 hours of Special Features, a soundtrack CD and more.


At the peak of his cinematic triumphs, horror legend Dario Argento created projects for RAI TV that broadcast his singular vision of terror into millions of Italian homes: Door Into Darkness is the top-rated 1973 anthology series produced and hosted by Argento, including Il Tram directed by Argento, Il Vicino Di Casa directed by Luigi Cozzi, and Testimone Oculare co-written by Argento & Cozzi, with three of the four episodes sourced for the first time from the original 16mm negatives. Argento’s popular 1987 variety/talk show Giallo is represented by the maestro’s own Dario Argento’s Nightmares scanned from recently discovered film elements, plus the murder mystery segments Night Shift (Turno Di Notte) directed by Cozzi and Lamberto Bava, behind-the-scenes tours from TENEBRE, PHENOMENA, and OPERA, and guests that include Anthony Perkins, David Gilmour & Nick Mason, and Fiore Argento newly digitized from broadcast masters, with over 8 hours of new and archival Special Features.


The most elusive, requested and unapologetically unhinged Penne Post-Apocalypse epic of all is finally available, uncut and uncensored on disc for the first time ever: From ItaloSleaze Maestro Joe D’Amato comes this “insane and very entertaining” (Rare Cult Cinema) saga of graphic violence, rampant nudity, unholy mutants, big exsplosions, fascist rhetoric, motorcycle mayhem, saloon brawls, Indian attacks and plenty of lawless Lone Star depravity, written by George Eastman (ANTHROPOPHAGOUS) and assistant directed by Michele Soavi (CEMETERY MAN). Al Cliver (ENDGAME), Peter Hooten (NIGHT KILLER), Sabrina Siani (WHITE CANNIBAL QUEEN), Geretta Geretta (RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR) and Donald O’Brien (DR. BUTCHER, M.D.) star in this “very definition of a guilty pleasure” (The Spinning Image), now scanned in 4K from the original negative with new and archival Special Features, plus the soundtrack by SHOCKING DARK composer Carlo Maria Cordio.


Although best known for his giant monster movies like THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE and EMPIRE OF THE ANTS, writer/producer/director Bert I. Gordon took a sharp right turn into ‘70s urban perversion with this “remarkably politically incorrect” (Rock! Shock! Pop!) crime shocker: A psycho citizen (Chuck Connors of The Rifleman and TOURIST TRAP) is planting deadly bombs across Los Angeles. A depraved rapist (Neville Brand of BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ and EATEN ALIVE) is the only witness who can identify him. And a deranged detective (Vince Edwards of Ben Casey and RETURN TO HORROR HIGH) will break every rule in the book to bust them both. Also known in various censored versions as THE POLICE CONNECTION and DETECTIVE GERONIMO, this “dynamite mix of grit and sleaze” (Flick Attack), is now scanned in 4K from the internegative for the first time ever with over 6 hours of explosive Special Features.


In her first feature film appearance in 25 years, Cristina Marsillach of OPERA fame “gives a quiet, radiant performance” (Pop Horror) in this “poetic and profound” (The Movie Sleuth) “must-see for fans of art-house cinema” (Film Threat): Having learned that she has a terminal illness, a woman (Marsillach) takes a final vacation only to discover a dreamlike triptych of fear, trauma and murder. Susanna Nelson and Hudson Sims co-star in “a feast for cinema lovers” (We Are Cult) written & directed by award-winning independent filmmaker Damian K. Lahey (COCAINE ANGEL, THE HEROES OF ARVINE PLACE) with a haunting score by David Wingo (TAKE SHELTER, MIDNIGHT SPECIAL) that Morbidly Beautiful hails as “heartbreaking, dread inducing horror. An eerie and surreal film that marks the welcome return of Cristina Marsillach.”


Experience the notorious 1969 horror epic that’s been barely seen since its fly-by-night VHS release while existing mostly via sordid rumors for more than 50 years: Anthony Eisley (THE NAKED KISS, DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN) stars in this brain-melting mash-up of dubious Egyptology, risible werewolf transformations, H.G. Lewis-level gore, cut-rate psychedelia and an oven-mitted mummy on a Las Vegas rampage, all set to a swinging soundtrack of lounge and surf instrumentals. The legendary John Carradine (THE GRAPES OF WRATH, HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS) earns a day’s pay in this “truly incredible masterpiece of bad cinema” (Harbinger) written and produced by William Edwards (DRACULA THE DIRTY OLD MAN), directed by Oliver Drake (THE MUMMY’S CURSE) and scanned in 4K from the blow up internegative discovered at Ewing ‘Lucky’ Brown’s Los Angeles estate sale, now with over 2 hours of Special Features that include the thought-lost Vega International adult feature ANGELICA, THE YOUNG VIXEN scanned from the sole surviving print.


The centerpiece of the radical underground Cinema Marginal movement, this “electric, legendary movie” (Slant Magazine) written and directed by 21-year-old Rogério Sganzerla defiantly attacked Brazil’s sociopolitical morals, gleefully subverted the rules of narrative cinema and has lost none of its power to shock, disturb and delight: Based on police reports of the real-life bandit who terrorized ‘60s São Paulo, a charismatic crook (Paulo Villaça) robs the rich, taunts law enforcement and becomes a public hero in an anarchic odyssey that’s equal parts crime thriller, urban western, grind house roughie, twisted comedy, cultural grenade and still unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Helena Ignez (José Mojica Marins’ EMBODIMENT OF EVIL) co-stars in this “hallucinatory and amazing manifesto” (Next Projection) now scanned in 2K from the original camera negative.


From iconoclastic French writer/director Paul Vecchiali (THE STRANGLER, FEMMES FEMMES) comes the wickedly perverse thriller that subverts the conventions of film noir by slyly flipping its traditional gender roles: When a prominent politician receives a pornographic film starring her son, she hires a hard-boiled private detective (Myriam Mézières of MY NIGHTS ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN YOUR DAYS) to track down the blackmailer. But as bodies strip down, corpses pile up and suspects are never what they seem, will this case climax with the most shocking bang of all? Hélène Surgère (SALÒ), Howard Vernon (DRACULA, PRISONER OF FRANKENSTEIN), Michel Delahaye (THE SHIVER OF THE VAMPIRES) and Jean-Christophe Bouvet (Emily In Paris) co-star in this dangerously sexy drama scanned in 2K from the original camera negative.


From Eloy de la Iglesia – the defiantly transgressive and ever-controversial director of CANNIBAL MAN, THE GLASS CEILING and the Quinqui classics EL PICO 1 & 2 and NAVAJEROS – comes the most daring and unsettling film of his entire career: After a heartbreaking miscarriage, a couple (Goya Award winners Ana Belén and Juan Diego) adopts a stray male dog in hopes of saving their rocky marriage. But as the wife develops an obsessive bond with her new companion, it will trigger jealousies and rivalries that may lead to the most inconceivable act of all. Claudia Gravi (BYLETH: THE DEMON OF INCEST), Ramón Repáraz (THE PRIEST) and Manuel Pereiro (THE NIGHT OF THE WALKING DEAD) co-star in this “remarkable gem about extreme love” (Horror Estremo), now scanned in 2K from the negative.


Less than two years after the end of Spain’s oppressive Franco regime, Goya Award winning filmmaker Antonio Isasi (THEY CAME TO ROB LAS VEGAS, SUMMERTIME KILLER) co-wrote and directed the action blockbuster that shocked European audiences and became one of the most culturally-charged survival thrillers of the decade: Best Supporting Actor Oscar® nominee and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Jason Miller (THE EXORCIST, THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON) “gives a fantastic performance” (This Is Quiet Cool) as a political prisoner who escapes custody, only to be relentlessly pursued by a military dictatorship dog driven to hate, hunt and kill. Donatello Award winner Lea Massari (L’AVVENTURA) and Goya Award winners Marisa Paredes (HIGH HEELS) and Juan Antonio Bardem (THE CORRUPTION OF CHRIS MILLER) co-star in “one of a master director’s most significant films” (Madriz), now scanned in 2K from the original camera negative.

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