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Issue 1 has been published! Here's what you'll find in this issue:

1. Scott's Bits - Comp-media=NewTechReview
2. NTechCONTEST - WWF Slam Cam
3. NTechNEWS - Toolbook, HomeSite, WebEditor, Moon Tycoon, and more
4. NTechFEATURE - Clean Up Your Windows
5. NTechSHAREWARE - WindowBlinds and SolSuite 2001
6. NTechFREEWARE - Download Accelerator Plus and Ad-aware
7. NTechBUYWARE - LEGO Creator: Harry Potter
8. NTechREVIEWS - Dreamweaver, QuicKeys, and more
9. NTechTIP - Adjust your CPU Priority
10. NTechFUN - How Stuff Works
11. NTechTOPIC - Windows XP Resources
12. NTechNEXT - Keeping It Private!

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Windows XP has arrived. I should be getting my hands on a copy in the near future. In the meantime, have you decided whether or not you'll be upgrading? Well, to help you make your decision, I've rounded up a number of resources that I think you'll find useful. The first is a site called Cheaper Windows. This site is dedicated to searching the Net to find the cheapest Windows XP prices. Before you buy, you might want to check it out. Next, you'll want to take at look at CNET's Windows XP Superguide for all kinds of information, including a review of WinXP, tips and tricks, and more. Microsoft has also put together an official Windows XP site, although keep in mind that they probably won't be providing any unbiased opinions about their own product. :-) And finally, be sure to join Woody's Windows XP Watch for tips and tricks about the new OS by sending a blank e-mail to All those resources should provide you with enough information to help you make your Windows XP purchasing decisions.

Also, I've got some announcements for you from Click2learn, AIST, Jasc Software, and Activision in News.
The battle between Mac and PC users has been a long one. Each side believes their operating system is the best. Of course, with all of the marketing 'mistakes' made by Microsoft recently, they certainly aren't making many new friends. But that really has nothing to do with the quality of their OS. So CNET has decided to publish a feature pitting the new Mac OS X against the new Windows XP. Click here to read their article and see which OS wins. I thought you'd get a kick out of it.

I've also got some new announcements for you from Hewlett-Packard, ADS Technologies, Que, and Legacy Interactive in News.
Attention all readers! Comp-media has undergone some drastic changes (as you can see :-). The publication has a new name, format, and location. Comp-media is now called NewTechReview. We'll still be providing you with all the great technology information you've come to expect over the years, but with even more content than before. We'll also still be providing a free monthly newsletter, the first issue of which will be available shortly.

In the meantime, NewTechReview comes with a new URL ( and web site design. Here on the web site you'll find news and reviews of all your favorite new technology products. There will also be daily tips added in the near future, and of course we still have our monthly product contests. Please feel free to explore the site and I'll will post a notice when the first newsletter issue becomes available.

Also be sure to check out the new announcements from Macromedia, Microsoft, procreate, Activision, and Deneba in News.

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