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Human Touch HT-1350 CirQlation Pro Foot and Calf Massager

Manufacturer: Human Touch
Disclaimer: The manufacturer provided NewTechReview with a NFR unit of this product for review.
Reviewed by Scott R. Garrigus
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I have flat feet. This means that I don't have proper arch support in my feet, and it means that I have to wear special inserts in my shoes to provide the proper support. More importantly, it means that if I do anything strenuous (like go on a hike or a long walk, or do any work on a ladder for long periods of time), my feet ache more than the average person's. Soaking my feet in warm water helps somewhat to alleviate the aching, and massaging them by hand helps as well, but neither is the same as getting a real massage. So, when I first heard about the Human Touch HT-1350 CirQlation Pro Foot and Calf Massager, I imagined what it might be like to have my own personal masseuse and I knew I had to check out this product.

The Human Touch HT-1350 CirQlation Pro
Weighing in at 26 lbs., the CirQlation Pro is light enough for just about anyone to lift, and although the outer casing is plastic, the unit is solidly built. It comes fully-assembled and is upholstered with Faux Suede to give it a high-quality look. Getting started takes all of five minutes… you simply take it out of the box, read through the brief Use & Care Manual, plug it in, turn it on, place your feet in the massage wells, and then choose one of the six available massage programs. Depending on if you want to sit upright in a chair or lean back on a sofa, there is also a tilt adjustment.

The massage programs provided by the CirQlation Pro come in two categories: Speed and Auto. There are three Speed programs that all provide the same continuous cycle of calf kneading and foot massage but at varying speeds: slow, medium, and fast. There are also three Auto programs called P1: Refresh & Relax, P2: Brisk Relief, and P3: Underfoot Indulgence. The Refresh & Relax program provides alternating fast and slow massages giving you the benefits of both an active and passive massage. The Brisk Relief program provides a medium speed massage with intermittent breaks. During the breaks, the CirQlation Pro stops at the point where it is gripping your feet and calves tightly. This gives you the sensation of a firm pressure massage with relaxing intervals. The Underfoot Indulgence program puts more emphasis on the soles of your feet with a steady, continuous massage.

A Realistic Foot and Calf Massage
All of the programs provided by the CirQlation Pro use what Human Touch calls their Patented Figure-Eight Technology. As the manual states, this technology "massages calves in an upward, rolling or wave-like fashion, forcing blood away from the feet and toward the body's core to improve blood flow and wellness." In my opinion, this is a very true statement because whenever I'm finished with one of the CirQlation Pro programs, not only do my feet and legs feel better, but my body overall feels refreshed.

I've had the CirQlation Pro for a few months now and I've gone through all the programs. I like them all, although the one I choose on any given day really depends on how my feet feel. If they hurt more than usual, I'll use one of the slower, less aggressive programs. Otherwise, I like to have a more invigorating massage. One thing I find lacking, however, is the ability to adjust the amount of pressure applied. All the programs use the same amount of pressure and there are times when I'd like to have a lighter touch, so to speak. I also found that while you can certainly get a massage with your socks on, it definitely feels better with bare feet. Luckily, the CirQlation Pro provides removable liners called Easy Sleeves, which can be easily unzipped and then put in with a regular load of wash. By the way, although not specifically designed for this purpose, you can use the CirQlation Pro to get just a foot massage without the calves by moving the machine farther away and fully extending your legs so that only your feet are inside the wells. You'll also need to find the right position for your feet so that the machine doesn't press against your ankles.

The True Test of Realism – Mom
Of course, it just so happens that my Mom paid me a visit shortly after I received the CirQlation Pro… coincidence? Probably not. I had mentioned it to her during a previous phone conversation, and of course, she just had to give it a try. It wasn't long after arriving that she spied the machine sitting there next to the couch in my living room. "Oh, is that the foot massager you told me about before? Can I try it?" she asked. "Sure." I said. So I plugged it in, turned it on and told her about the various programs. Then she chose one and sat through the entire 20-minute massage. "This feels great! I could sure use one of these." she hinted. With an endorsement like that, you really can't go wrong, especially when you consider the fact that my Mom is on her feet a lot during the workdays.

My Feet and Legs Have Never Felt Better
So did I let my Mom have my CirQlation Pro? No way! I'm sorry, but now that I have it, I can't live without it. The massages that this machine provides really do feel that good. I was like any normal person who thought that massages were for special occasions. I was already eating right, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep. But after using the CirQlation Pro, I now believe that massage is an essential part of having overall good health. I am using it on a daily basis and I can definitely recommend the Human Touch HT-1350 CirQlation Pro to just about anyone – the only exception being that it's not really made for kids.

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