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Scott R. Garrigus' NewTechReview(TM) - Official Newsletter Relaunch

ISSN: 1540-0441; Issue 2
Technology downloads, news, articles, reviews, tips and tutorials for consumers and small business users!

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Scott's Notes - Official Newsletter Relaunch

In this issue, you'll find new articles (Fix Your Photos, Restoring Old Photos, Recording Clean Sound, Boost Web Traffic, Using Flickr), new downloads (OpenOffice, Paint.NET, KatMouse, CDBurnerXP, JKLMouse), new announcements (GoPro, Alien Skin, Vintage Games, Cinematography, Disney, Nero), new reviews (Adobe, P-Touch, Tennis, Nyko, APC, Pirates). Enjoy!

I know it's been a while since you received this newsletter, but the NewTechReview newsletter is back and better than ever. We now have our official ISSN registration from the Library of Congress. You may have also noticed that we're now publishing in HTML, which is much better than plain text. And even though the newsletter has been away for a while, the site has been continuously updated.

In addition, we've added new Articles and Downloads sections where you can find informative tips and techniques as well as free software downloads that are useful for most everyone.

For the future, we'll be adding a new Tips section, plus many more great things I can't talk about yet. In the meantime, we will continue to bring you the latest consumer technology news, articles, downloads, and reviews on a regular basis. And I'll be using this space to talk about some of my experiences with consumer technology.

Thanks for being a part of NewTechReview and for all your support! Enjoy the issue...


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NTechNEWS - GoPro, Alien Skin, Vintage Games, Cinematography, Disney, Nero

Some of the latest technology news:

GoPro HERO5 Cameras, GoPro Plus Subscription, Quik Editing Apps, and More Announced

Alien Skin Software Announces Exposure X2 RAW Photo Editing Software for Photographers

Vintage Games 2.0: An Insider Look at the Most Influential Games of All Time

Cinematography: Theory and Practice, 3rd Edition from Focal Press

Disney's The Jungle Book 3D Collector's Edition on Blu-ray 3D

Western Digital Introduces WD Blue and WD Green Solid State Drives

The Race is on as Mantis Burn Racing speeds onto Digital Storefronts

Nero 2017 - More Formats, Functions, Technology and Security

For more of the latest technology news, go to:

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NTechREVIEWS - Adobe, P-Touch, Tennis, Nyko, APC, Pirates

Some of the latest technology reviews:

P-touch PT-2700 Electronic Labeling System

Living Marine Aquarium 2

Apocalypto (Blu-ray DVD)

Hot Shots Tennis Game

Nyko Intercooler Cooling Device for PS3

Nyko HD-Link Component Audio/Video Cable for PS3

APC Back-UPS RS 1500 Uninterruptible Power Supply

For more of the latest technology reviews, go to:

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NTechARTICLES - Fix Your Photos, Using Flickr, Boost Web Traffic

Some of the latest technology articles:

Fix Your Photos with the Adobe Photoshop Healing Brush Tool

Restoring Old Photographs with Adobe Photoshop

How to Record Clean Sound for Your Video

Boost Your Website Traffic with Summary Statements

Uploading Your Photographs to Flickr the Easy Way

Casting Your Film or Video Project

For more of the latest technology articles, go to:

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NTechDOWNLOADS - OpenOffice, Paint.NET, CDBurnerXP, KatMouse

Some of the latest technology downloads:

OpenOffice Desktop Productivity Suite (Windows - Free)

Paint.NET Digital Image and Photo Editing Software (Windows - Free)

KatMouse Mouse Wheel Enhancer (Windows - Free)

CDBurnerXP CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD-DVD Burning Software (Win - Free)

JKLmouse Modeless Automatic Keyboard Mouse (Windows - Free)

For more of the latest technology downloads, go to:


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